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Do you have a shitload of clothes you never wear? Did you hop on that Marie-Kondo trend and then never made it to Goodwill with the clothes? I feel you! Luckily, clothes are something that is pretty easily re-sold. Some people even make careers out of it! But here are some tips, tricks and apps to try for reselling your clothing to get the biggest bang for your buck!





In Store

So there are tons of consignment stores and reselling stores in your area! Unfortunately I can’t tell you exactly what they are called because they’re regional, but a quick Google should bring some up! For us here in Phoenix, AZ Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet are some of the biggest ones for people in their teens up to 30s but there are also a ton of one-off family owned ones as well. My biggest tips is to make sure you are bringing stuff to them that is A. in season and B. fashionable or quirky. Often times my friends and I will bring in brand name items to these stores, but because they’re jackets or prom dresses, they don’t need them. Also make sure everything is in good condition, no tears, rips or stains!



Apps are where I really think the art of reselling shines. I would say approximately 30% of my wardrobe right now is from Poshmark! Poshmark, Mecari and even sites like The RealReal (for luxury items) are growing daily. The key to selling successfully on these apps is to treat it like a search engine and to be responsive.

By treating it like a search engine you can really cater your clothes to the people that are looking for them. I love thrifting because you never know what you’re going to find, but when I really need something….like black glossy jeans (recent purchase) I go to Poshmark because I know I can find it in minutes vs hunting for possibly days or weeks. Make sure you use keywords to list your items, list the correct colors and include any info you can about the item! I was recently looking for Jamie Jeans from TopShop in a certain size but I was having issues! I wear a 28 waist and a 34 length, which is slightly uncommon because of the length. And so many sellers were just including the waist in the description, which meant I had to ask for the length, and some of them never got back to me. Definitely cost them a sale! Which leads me to my next point…

Make sure you are responsive both before a buyer purchases something and after. Answering questions, and taking measurements can really make or break a sale. Many luxury brands will have their own authentication system, but being able to prove it yourself through receipt or tags also helps a lot. Make sure to keep the buyer updated on shipping info and any outstanding damage to the item will keep your rating up!

Lastely, you can also sell used clothing on social media. Many people make entire Instagram accounts dedicated to buying/selling thrifted items. Make sure you use a trusted payment system for this and that you keep everything in writing. The bonus to this is that you can curate your own style, be artsy with your photos and possibly even position yourself for sponsored posts later on!



And in the end you can always take your unsold goods to a thrift store and help you local community! Make sure you itemize what you are donating and then you can use it as a tax write off/deduction as well! There’s money everywhere in used clothing. 

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