October Income Report

I personally love reading income reports because they give me a glimpse into how other people run their business and organize their life. I know a lot of people find them invasive or think people are bragging, but I don’t agree. My income reports aren’t as *amazing* as some bloggers out there, but I think it’s important to share that you CAN make money online and via freelancing, even if it doesn’t 100% support you from the beginning. You have to start somewhere right?

So! That brings us to the 5th installment of Mar’s monthly income reports.



Past Income Reports!

June 2019; $11,495

July 2019; $2,550

August 2019; $1,262

September 2019: $5,135


So for October I did exactly ZERO pitching or looking for work. That’s right! So the projects I did complete either were for retainer clients that pay me monthly, or old clients looking for one off jobs again. Should I have looked for more work? Definitely, especially with the holidays approaching. But October is a super hectic month for me, and I was doing well from September, so I just decided not to! I was also wrapping up a couple personal projects that will help me in the future, so I don’t feel too guilty overall.


Freelancing Project Breakdowns

Reputation Management: $600

Social Media: $300

Egg Donation Retainer: $250

Painting: $75

Graphic Design: $75

Total; $1,300




Total: $0


Total Profit: $1,300


Ayeee we love a good no expense day. Technically I pay monthly for website hosting, Tailwind and a couple other things, but I pay annually so we’re not going to count them here!

So How Did I do on My Goals?

  • Run a 11 minute mile in preparation for the obstacle course 5k. I’m not a runner so this would be amazing! (Nope! Didn’t do this at all. But I did run a Rugged Maniac on November 2nd and had a ton of fun with my friends!)
  • Get a month to month client for either copywriting or social media management. (Again, I didn’t even try)
  • Get a part time job! I’m looking to plump up my savings and have extra cash for all those vacations I was talking about. Obviously this would be temporary but I think it would be good for me. (Nope!)
  • Go on a mini vacation with the boyfriend. I just want to snuggle for an entire weekend okay?! (Yes we did this! We went kayaking in La Jolla, CA and saw a sea turtle!)
  • Finalize and sign paperwork for my upcoming egg donation (Yepp I did this! I also did my one day appointment the first week in November.)
  • Upload at least twice to my YouTube channel! It doesn’t exist yet but I am really excited about starting a new form of content creation. (Nope! I decided half way through to do this later in the year.)


So I didn’t do great this month, but I also didn’t do horribly. This was more of a social and resting month which is super important! I did finish some projects I didn’t write on my goal list, so I feel accomplished on those as well. Here are my goals for November!


  • Turn 26!
  • Record and Edit 15 Youtube videos, to be published starting January 1st, 2020.
  • Finalize everything for my masters degree.
  • Schedule our vacation info for Mardi Gras 2020! Wooo!
  • Get a new client for either social media or a website.
  • Finish all the designs for a dropshipping store I plan to open in 2020.

As you can see I’m really building for 2020. Besides starting my masters I’m launching a YouTube channel, a dropshipping site, and possibly a coaching service….but more on that later! So that leads to a lot of work now, with all the payoff later. But stay tuned to see step by step posts on how these ventures go!


So there you have it! What goals did you accomplish in October?! What do you have planned for the fall?


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