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Hey F22 Crew!


I’ve got some exciting news! I’m starting a YouTube channel! (This is SO many years in the making. Lord) I invite you all to come subscribe and listen to my rants or watch my adventures! So many people are creating Youtube channels, and for good reason. YouTube allows you to make content you love, connect with people who also love it, while testing your creativity and (sort of) being able to easily monetize it! If you’re interested in my YT channel or how to start your own, keep reading!



So Why YouTube?

I love YouTube! Probably more than I should if I’m being honest, but it offers so much more than regular cable does. In my college days I didn’t have cable and Netflix is great, but it doesn’t really cover all the basics. YouTube allows me to watch content on subjects I love, from people that I enjoy their personalities. Plus, I like that me watching ads helps creators get paid, verse watching commercials and padding the pockets of huge companies that frankly don’t need any more money. Plus, individual creators often are more invested and create even cooler stuff!


So I Though I would try my hand!

If there is one thing my friends have heard me say a thousand times and then never follow through with…it’s that I wanted to start a YouTube channel. A lot of people don’t want to start a channel because they feel weird talking to themselves on camera. That’s not really my problem, my problem is editing myself after! Everything in my freelance career (except graphic design) has been self taught, so editing seemed like a daunting task to learn. Plus, I’m awkward so I can only imagine that it would be painful to watch myself for the hours it takes to edit a video. BUT I love Funding22 so much that I want to talk about the topics more, in another type of content, and be able to share more about my day to day life. Think “week in the life” or “day in the life” videos, tips and tricks of freelancing and helpful Q&As! I contstantly learn more about this crazy world, and I don’t really have a ton of people to rant to about it….so why not people on the internet! Maybe I’ll add a little side money in the process!

So while no videos are up yet, I AM pre-recording to launch my channel on January 1st! You can subscribe here! I can’t wait to see you all in the comments.



So Why Should You Create Videos?

YouTube Can Make You Money! (after a while)

After 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 annual hours of watch time you are eligible for ads on Youtube. You can find more about that here! But there are a variety of ways to make money on YT, or using Youtube as a sales funnel. Many creators have companies by ads or do sponsored posts (With payouts rumored to be up to the tens of thousands), but you can also create merch, sell courses and other services. And because YouTube content is ‘evergreen’ meaning it never gets taken down unless you do somethign wrong. Your views ad up and help your overall profits. YouTube is more of a social search engine, meaning you have to learn their algorithm, but with hard work and a well chosen niche creators can make millions each year!



What do you think? Will you ever make a YouTube channel? 

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