September Income Report; How I Made $5,135 this month!

Income reports are a tricky subject. On one hand; I love to read them. They inspire me and allow me to root for my favorite bloggers/freelancers. I get to check in on them like an old friend and see how they’ve progressed since last month!

I feel like each month I do these I get more and more comfortable with it. A. because my viewership isn’t that high so it’s not like I’m bragging to everyone I knew in highschool. And B. I’ve gotten some good feedback from other freelancers about how it’s opened their eyes to potential income streams. As I always say, success (and the internet) are not finite resources-there are plenty to go around!

So! That brings us to the fourth installment of Mar’s monthly income reports.



Past Income Reports!

June 2019; $11,495

July 2019; $2,550

August 2019; $1,262


Remember how I said August was weird? Well really the entire summer was weird, but now that September has come and gone I can say it’s finally slowed down a lot. I had a decent amount of fun activities this month (my brother got married!) so that kept me busy, but overall I just celebrated a lot of long projects coming to an end. I FINALLY finished this project guitar my boyfriend and I have been working on. So now it’s his turn to take it and work his magic. (trust me folks this paint job was no joke!) I’m excited to take a tiny break and then try some new freelancing ventures for the rest of the year!


Freelancing Project Breakdowns

Reputation Management: $2400

Social Media: $300

Website:$2,500 (with a down payment of $1,000 previously)

Total; $5,200



Copywriting Help: $50

Buffer (social media automation) : $15/monthly

Total: $65


Total Profit: $5,135


I definitely didn’t realize how well I did this month until I typed all this out. I used a chunk of this money to pay off debt, and my truck decided it needed to be high maintenance so she got new locks, new tires, and oil change and detailing! #spoiled. But it was worth it!


So How Did I do on My Goals?

  • Go on a weekend vacation. I’m thinking San Diego, but we shall see what the boyfriend thinks! (Still no! With all the weddings and birthdays in my family, I didn’t really have time. So now we’re debating October! But I also have a BUNCH of vacations planned for the beginning of the year so if it doesn’t happen I’m still looking forward to those!)
  • Continue C25K (Nope! The woman’s voice got too annoying and I hurt my ankle! I made an appointment to ge the ankle looked at, and in the meantime I’m doing more low-impact workouts)
  • Finalize my Masters Program (Ahhhhh yeah!…sorta! I’m officially accepted, I’m just waiting for my financial paperwork to figure itself out. Evidently even if you’re paying out of pocket there are a lot of forms that need filing.)
  • Get a new client (Nope! It didn’t even occur to me to try honestly.)


So looking at those colors up there…I have to say I kind of ‘failed’ at September, at least for my lesser goals. I got the website finished with is a HUGE RELIEF, and a nice payday. Also getting my Masters squared away and the guitar finished feels amazing. I’m excited to aim really high in October and hopefully reach everything! So here are my goals for October

  • Run a 11 minute mile in preparation for the obstacle course 5k. I’m not a runner so this would be amazing!
  • Get a month to month client for either copywriting or social media management
  • Get a part time job! I’m looking to plump up my savings and have extra cash for all those vacations I was talking about. Obviously this would be temporary but I think it would be good for me.
  • Go on a mini vacation with the boyfriend. I just want to snuggle for an entire weekend okay?!
  • Finalize and sign paperwork for my upcoming egg donation (Yep I’m doing another one!)
  • Upload at least twice to my YouTube channel! It doesn’t exist yet but I am really excited about starting a new form of content creation.


So there you have it! What goals did you accomplish for September?! What do you have planned for spooky season?

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