How to Survive Blogmas

how to survive blogmas

Hello Hello F22 Crew!

Have you heard of Blogmas? Or it’s video cousin Vlogmas? Basically¬† a blogger/vlogger posts one blog each day for the month of December. Some people only do it for the 12 days of Christmas (spoiler that’s what I’m doing!) But either way, for most people this can be a really daunting task! I don’t know about you, but beside the crazy daily vloggers, not many people post a long thought out video or blog post every. single. freaking. day! This shift from once or twice a week publishing to daily can take a big toll on your social life and sanity. So here are some tips and tricks I’ve discovered to make it a little bit easier on you.






Plan Ahead

First things first…no one says your blogmas/vlogmas content needs to be created the day it is published. I’m writing this post…and my blogmas post in SEPTEMBER! Because I know if I don’t I will fail at the challenge. So figure out how many pieces of content you need and work backwards from there at what you think is a reasonable pace! Maybe you think you can only do one extra blog post every other week….that means you need to start in the summer time or earlier! But if you can bust them out you really don’t need to start until mid November. I still recommend starting earlier than you think, just in case something goes awry or you get lazy. (Hey it happens to the best of us!)


Ask for Help!

Help can come in a lot of forms. You can look and see what videos or posts people wrote last year and use those for inspiration! Or you can employe a photographer to take a bunch of pictures in October that will get you through the fall and winter months. Hey I know that if I don’t have to come up with an Instagram caption daily that will help lessen my social media load and make writing blog posts earlier! OR if you have some influencer/blogger friends ask them to team up with you! You can do a blogger round up, take over eachothers blog for a day, or just do a ‘best of’ post that isn’t as hard to write. AND Google says that people seem to love ‘listicles’ for some reason? So win win!


Warn Your Family

Alright…that section header was a little intense. But if you know you’re going to be going through a stresfful time at work or on your blog and it always happens at the same time each year, it makes sense to warn and apologize to your friends and family beforehand. You’re already going to be stressed out, so getting into fights or having to explain yourself isn’t going to help at all.


Recycle Recycle Recycle!

I don’t mean waterbottles, thought the earth would really appreciate, I mean content! #throwbackthursday is a thing for a reason. A lot of people see December as a time for reflection before making new goals for the upcoming year. Use this to your advantage! Do posts like “what I learned”, “what I did differently”, “why I wouldn’t change XX”. These posts will hopefully allow you some introspective therapy and be interesting to read! You could even re-write the same post and then compare your writing style for your readers! This can also be applied to basically any picture! How much kids have grown, fitness before/after, decorating you house, bank statements, friend groups etc.


So are you planning on participating in Blogmas/Vlogmas? What part seems the most daunting?!

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