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Are you a new blogger like me? (Well new with this blog!) Do you constantly read blog posts that promise more blog traffic for you, but end up being a Tailwind ad that’s not even well disguised? I feel ya. So no fear! Here are some tips and tricks for how I’ve improved my blog traffic! No Tailwind app needed! Though I do think if you’re going to take your blog seriously, that it’s worth investing in!



High-quality content creation is key

Starting a blog is like running up a hill.  Getting to the top is difficult but you have much easier time coming down the other side.  When you first start your blog, it can be difficult to get traffic without consistent content creation.  Imagine each of your posts as another step climbing that hill.  The more you post, the more outreach you create.  The number one way to get increased website traffic is to build high-quality consistent content.

Google’s analytics and search ranking will notice you have multiple blog posts that have a lot to do with your specific subject.  It takes this into account when you’re being ranked on the search engine.  Therefore, the more content you have around your niche, the more of an authority you become and the higher you rank in search results.

It’s about building a reputation and doing it organically with lots of great content!


Give your audience the answers

Have you ever read through a blog post that was supposed to tell you the recipe for a dish, but you must scroll through TONS of keyword stuffing and off-topic nonsense to get to the ACTUAL recipe?

I have, and this doesn’t help bloggers one bit.

We are so hyper-focused on all these different ways to show up in rankings that we forget the most important thing – our readers.  Google knows when your readers are “pogo-sticking”

Pogo-sticking is when you click on page after page in the Google search results trying to find the answer to your query. Instead, your audience will build trust in your website if you give them answers immediately rather than prolong them using some gimmicky keyword-stuffed content.

Google notices this too and will put you at the top of the search results if you’re site is the one that keeps readers engaged and gives them the answer they need.


Stick to your subject

If you have a photography blog don’t write about fitness, travel, and your dog as well.  The more hyper-focused your niche is the better your fan base.  Once again, if you want to rank in search and get website traffic you need to build a cluster of high-quality content that is subject specific.

Think if your blog as a web of content built of tags, categories, and pages.  If there are multiple keywords that reoccur through blog posts, pages, categories, and tags you will start to build an online reputation.  The American Cancer Society has tons of related content, case studies, and testimonials proving its legitimacy, the only way to gain yours is through volume.


Content length matters

When you write an article about the best toothbrush on the market you should include quite a bit of content backing your decision and examples of other toothbrushes that compare to the best.  You need to give the reader lots of information throughout your blog posts.

A good rule of thumb is to shoot for 800 words, minimum.

You want to ensure you give your readers everything that they need to know about the subject, so they don’t click on another page for more answers.  This can cause them to hit that back arrow and start “pogo-sticking” to the next site.  This will hurt your traffic and make you less of an authority.


Network with other bloggers and businesses

One of the best ways to get your blog discovered is to network with other folks who already have a following.  A good way to make an impression is writing them an email asking to write a featured article on their blog.  Once you write the article, you can link your own blog on the page!  This brings in a totally new universe of people who might have never clicked on your website.  All free advertising is good advertising. Additionally, Google likes backlinks, especially when they’re organic!

There are a lot of businesses out there that sell products that are specific to your niche.  It’s good business for them to have YOU write an article about their product.  Once again, you can link that to your own blog and get even more traffic.  Google some local businesses in your area and see if they’d like a free featured article!


So there ya have it! Great ways to create traffic without selling your soul! I know blogging is a huge world with tons to figure out, but sometimes the simplest route is best. I recommend starting with these tips first, and then going ahead to more advanced things like Pinterest strategies and Tailwind!

Happy Blogging!


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