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mariah riney masters program

Hello Hello F22 Crew!

Exciting news! I am starting a Masters program! I actually started a Masters in Marketing Research and Analytics, but decided to change for financial and timeline reasons. So now I will be starting January 1st, 2020 at Western Governors University for a MBA of IT Management! I heard a lot about WGU before signing up, but given my history with schooling I think it’s a better fit for me. Their flexible competency-based courses allow a lot of flexibility that can work for many lifestyles!



A friend of the family got her second Masters from WGU and it sparked my interest. If you don’t know, I finished my undergrad in 3 years, by doing 2 years worth of schooling in one year. Which means a whopping 30 credits/10 classes per semester. So when I found out WGU functions based on one fee per term, as opposed to paying per credit, I realized I could save a ton of time and money.


A basic Masters is between 28-33 credits, with my chosen program being 30 credits. (Y’all can see where I’m going with this can’t you?!) Well I *KNOW* I can do 30 credits/10 classes in one semester. And since one semester is roughly $4,000 at WGU and an entire Masters program at ASU (my undergrad school) is roughly $60k, that’s some incredible savings! WGU is regionally accredited, so maybe not the best choice if you plan on persuing a PHD, but for me it makes sense.


Often in marketing they are looking for 5-7 years experience and/or a Masters degree to promote to managerial levels. I am quickly approaching that 5-7 year range, but because of my undergrad being in Design, I feel like I may be overlooked. Also; I love the analytics behind marketing so that acted as a catalyst to switching areas of concentration from Design to Management. If everything goes well at WGU I would also love to get a Masters in Data Analytics….but probably not trying to do it in 6 months! I’ll take it easy at a year or a year and a half. (You can all laugh with me here!)


SO What does this mean for F22?


I have actually been busting. my. little. butt. to get posts ready for the time I’m in school! I know I will have to write a ton for my program and devote a lot of time to studying. Since I don’t want F22 to slack (and I actually am starting a podcast AND youtube channel) I knew I needed to pre-write, and pre-record a lot of things. So a majority of what you’re reading besides income reports and personal updates, was written in August/September of 2019! Trust me, if you know you’re going to have a hectic time in your personal life, having pre-written blog posts will save you so much panic! But you can always find me on Instagram @mar_riney or Subscribe on Youtube and listen to our Podcast “Make Your Bed, Bitch!”


I thank you all for being so patient with me so far, and I know that we can all learn from my masters experience! Expect updates on the program, WGU as a school, and how my stressed out brain manages a 9-5, freelancing, school, a blog, a youtube channel, a podcast and my loving boyfriend!

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