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If you’ve been reading blogs for more than a couple days, I’m sure you’ve come across a blog post either talking about affiliate codes, or with affiliate codes in them. Simply put affiliate programs are the act of selling something for someone else, and in the mean time you get a small commission. Since we live in a digital age, that’s as simple as writing about a product and including a link. Bada-boom a blogger can make money! Some programs require tens of thousands of views before bloggers are allowed into the program. That’s where the Amazon Associates program comes in…you don’t really need ANY views to be accepted!



What is the Amazon Associates program?

At its simplest, a referral program that gets you paid for directing web traffic to Amazon from your site.  Here’s how it works:


  1. You write a blog post
  2. Include an Amazon link to a product in your post
  3. The reader clicks your Amazon link and buys the product
  4. You get a percentage of the profit if they buy ANYTHING off Amazon for the next 24 hours

Amazon is the largest Ecommerce retailer in the world.  Over 200 million websites use the Amazon Associates program to earn revenue through referrals.


How do you sign up?

You can start at  From here you make an account and link your website. Next you’ll create a “store ID” and explain how you generate web traffic for your site.  You’ll also need some tax information and a stamp of approval from Amazon before you start. The best part about all of this?  It’s free!  Once the sign up is completed you have the option of putting links on your posts to start earning immediately!


How much money can you make if someone buys a product?

Each link will bring your readers to Amazon for a specific product.  You’ll be able to track this using the built-in analytics that comes with the program.  If your referral buys anything off Amazon you will receive a percentage of money spent.  Each category on Amazon has a different percentage.  If you sell luxury beauty products you could earn a 10% return on your referral, but if you sell a video game you only earn 1%.  This program is great for specific niches and just okay for others.

Look at the payout chart for an idea of what your profit could be based on the products you promote.


Other ways to earn on Amazon Associates

If users subscribe to Amazon Prime (even the free trial), NBA league pass, trade in their text books, or sign up for audible you get a specific amount of cash on the spot.  This is also a passive way of generating income for putting a link on your website!


What’s the best way to promote my affiliate links?

You should drop organic affiliate links to Amazon products that are relevant to your article and your website inside of your content.  You shouldn’t spam links and hope people buy something, they should be carefully placed when you’re talking about a product or service.  An idea to generate revenue off these links could be a comparison list of the best backpacks for travelling.  You could link each bag on Amazon and list detailed information about which user it would suit best.

When you’re positioning the links be sure to include photos of the products you’re promoting or comparing so your readers can get a visual representation.  Seeing is believing and believing is buying.  Some bloggers will do comparison pieces or an entire article on a product proclaiming why it’s their first choice.

Most importantly, the blog posts that you are writing must consist of high-quality content.  Nobody is going to read through a flimsy review when they are making buying decisions on the internet. Pairing high-quality content that is loaded with information is the best way to generate a return on your affiliate links.  You should be writing 1,000+ word articles that include a few strategic links.  Your content shouldn’t look like an ad for Amazon, but a masterpiece article with a few choice selections.


Why choose Amazon over other companies?

Like it or not, Amazon owns the marketplace.  They are masters of the ecommerce universe and will get most bloggers the best bang for their buck when it comes to product placement.  Their outreach is so wide that any niche that you might have is covered.

Not to mention, their upselling is amazing.  They lure buyers into buying additional products by placing related items next to the ones you’re buying.  Amazon can turn a $50 to a $300 sale in seconds and then upsell them on Amazon Prime during checkout.

Anything your readers might want to buy is on their website and can be delivered instantly.  Amazon is a great choice, depending on your niche, to earn some passive income by dropping a few links in your blog.


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