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Writing (or some people call it copy) is a HUGE industry that most people don’t even realize exists. Copywriters are constantly in high demand,and can be paid very well for their services. Sure, some people are natural writers and can bust out 1,000 words in no time at all, but even if you aren’t a natural Oscare Wilde, you can learn to make money on the side by writing! The best part is, being a writer you get to pick what you want to write about, and for what clients. So if you only want to write about dogs… you can do that! Here are some niches you can choose from that are the most likely to bring in money!





10 Most Profitable Niches for a Freelance Writer

  1. Ghostwriting – A long term project that can make you a wide range of figures up to $35,000 is the clear winner in the writing world. You just need to land a gig with proven experience and surrender your book rights to the person providing the project.
  2. White Papers – A sophisticated approach to writing by identifying problems and creating solutions for businesses. They can sell for $1,000 – $7,000 depending on the content and are typically 5-7 pages or 2,000+ words.
  3. Articles for consumer magazines – If you can land an article in a popular magazine that could mean big bucks. There are magazines offering article placement all over the place like Cosmopolitan or Reader’s digest.  You can make around $1.50 a word and even more if you’re published in the print version.
  4. Long-Form Content – A lot of marketers don’t have time to write a 2,000+ word article, this is where you come in. You can write anything from ultimate guideposts, top-ten lists or relevant articles that will pay well.
  5. SEO Writing – Every business and personal website wants to be discovered by search engines through Search Engine Optimization. The best way to do this is hire a professional to optimize their website to appear in the search results.  You can make much more writing this type of content since it’s much more difficult than just writing a blog article.
  6. Personal Finance – Personal finance is all the rage right now and employers are paying big bucks for relevant articles. You don’t need a fancy education but you will need research on investing, debt management, and cryptocurrency.  If you lock down this niche, people will happily pay you more for your expertise.
  7. Fitness and Health – A huge goldmine for those who live a healthy lifestyle that want to inspire others. This ever-changing industry has tons of content that freelancers can target and supplement their income.
  8. Case Studies – Can you tell a story and show how a product or service actually works? Case studies are in-depth testimonials that make the subject more trustworthy which generates sales for them.  Sales for them equals a high-demand and profitability for powerful case study writers.
  9. Technology – Writing about technology is in huge demand because it’s often considered dry, difficult, or boring. The truth is, if you can put in the research and have some attention to detail you can make great money writing technical papers.
  10. E-Books – A popularity spike has made E-Books a very profitable niche in the freelancing world. Bloggers and businesses alike are looking for skilled writers to provide a product for their customers.  Some E-books can make upwards of $2,000 per book and even more depending on the projected value to the company.
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