August Income Report; How I Made $1,262 this month!

Income reports are a tricky subject. On one hand; I love to read them. They inspire me and allow me to root for my favorite bloggers/freelancers. I get to check in on them like an old friend and see how they’ve progressed since last month!

On the other hand; it’s really weird to be talking about how much money you make on the internet. I started Funding22 to act as a ‘behind the scenes’ sort of blog on how someone in the freelance culture spends their time. There are tons of blogs about blogging, and those are great! BUT there is so much more in the freelance game! Yes I make money blogging (For the first time this month!) But I also make money through a bunch of other efforts. So you don’t have to blog…hell you don’t even have to write anything.

So! That brings us to the third installment of Mar’s monthly income reports.

Past Income Reports!

June 2019; $11,495

July 2019; $2,550


August was hella weird folks. There’s not other way to put that. 1. I started a full time (remote) job in July, so I’ve been balancing that. Plus I’ve been helping take care of my grandmother Saturday-Wednesday 9-5. So you can imagine a chunk of my time has been taken up by that, plus I have a commute now! Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving spending time with my grandmother-she’s a firecracker! But it’s a big change of pace for me.

This means that a lot of my freelancing efforts have slowed down. Not to mention I’m expecting a VERY busy January-June of 2020 (more on that later) so I’m trying to pre-write a lot of blog posts for that time period. So most of my freelancing has been a website or social media. I will be ending my time at my grandmothers mid September, so I’m excited to allot more time to freelance pitching after that!


So here’s the breakdown for this month!


Freelancing Project Breakdowns

Reputation Management: $400

Social Media: $500

Social Media: $400

Blog Ads: $4 (That’s right folks! This blog made money!)

Total; $1,304



Pinteresting Strategies Course: $42 (used a coupon heeeeey)

Total: $42


Total Profit: $1,262

So compared to last few months this month was really lack-lustre. But that is the freelancer life! Like I said I’m lucky enough to have a 9-5 right now, but I don’t want it indefinitely so I need to get my head back in the game! Also; lets learn a lesson from Mar. Murphy’s law ALWAYS applies. I was expecting to wrap up my website that I started in July, which would have been approximately a $2,500 paycheck, but things happened and it got delayed. On the plus side that should help September’s total! So never place all your bets on one website folks!



Update: So what’s in store for August?

I want to finalize/be formally accepted into my MS program, as well as continue C25K. I’m also hoping to take a weekend trip with my boyfriend so we can do some recharging! I have some big goals planned for September-December so I know I will need it. (And he broke his arm recently so a change of location might do him well!)

  • $6,000-$7,000 total monthly income from freelancing. I’m going to hold on to this one seeing as I’m 99% where about $4,000 is going to come from with projects finalizing and smaller retainer clients. So hopefully I can get my but in order and whip up another $2,000-3,000 with my cold pitching skills. (NOPE! Look at me being all hopeful at the end of July, I didn’t hit this because of the website issues and the fact that I sent 0 pitches. So bad on me folks! Energy out equals energy in!)
  • Go on a weekend vacation. I’m thinking San Diego, but we shall see what the boyfriend thinks! (Nope! My crazy schedule kept us from doing anything. We did go to a Slipknot concert however! I’m hoping we can go to San Diego in September.)
  • 1-2 retainer clients! I would like to take on a couple more social media management clients, seeing as they end up being the most pay per time spent. AKA a bigger bang for my buck. (I failed completely at sending out pitches!)
  • File paperwork to be a legal business. I’m not looking forward to the 2020 tax season, so hopefully this helps me get ahead. (Yes! I filed the paperwork for Marred Media LLC!)
  • C25K-Continue with this and hopefully drop a little weight as well. Doing a few pullups would be icing on the cake! (Yes!I have been running off and on. I hate it but I know it will come in handy!)
  • Go to a networking event! (Nope!)
  • Pay off some debt. I have a little bit of personal debt left and I would like to get that squared away before I take on anymore school debt getting my masters degree. (Sort of, I paid off some personal debt!)

Overall I didn’t do that great for August. And honestly that was because of transitioning over to a 9-5 and not managing my time well enough! It did get easier as the month went on, so here’s to hoping September will be easier!


SO! What are your blogging, freelancing or side hustle goals for September 2019? 

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