Why My First Blog “Failed”

why my first blog failed

Hello hello F22 crew!

Surprise! I had another blog before this, and you may have read about it briefly in my FOMO Ad Network post recently. But it failed, and I gave up on it. How did it fail? Well basically I didn’t niche down at all (even though you definitely don’t HAVE to), and I just didn’t know how to monetize it. The crazy thing? It did better monthly page view wise at 7 months than Funding22 is doing now. Crazy right? Well let’s walk down memory lane so you can avoid my issues!

First off, let’s laugh at what happens when you google my old blog, staywithmeonthis.com


why my old blog failed

Which brings me to my first point…


My Pinterest Strategy Sucked

Now when I say ‘sucked’ I used that term lightly, because a few of my posts got repinned in the thousands, and IHave yet to reach that line with F22 yet. BUT that being said, my pins were lacklustre, and I had only joined one or two group boards. Plus I was doing everything manually.

I will brag that those pins aren’t THAT bad, and that most of them were long like Pinterest likes. But I actually made them in paint? So that goes to show you do not need to spend money on your blog. Except for maybe on Tailwind.


I know every professional blogger and their mother are singing songs for Tailwind….but I have to say it’s pretty great. Sure at around $200 it’s a hefty investment, but already¬† in a couple months it has saved me SO MUCH TIME, and gained me tons of new viewers at F22. But I didn’t have it before, which meant I spent a couple hours a day pinning, at random ass times, and I never looked at analytics.

So the TL;DR version- My pins didn’t look great, I didn’t disperse my pins to other peoples audiences, and I picked random times to pin. Don’t do this. Be smarter, learn some design and invest in Tailwind!





I Didn’t Niche Down AT ALL

You’re probably really confused with this one because I‘ve said before (multiple times) that you DON’T have to niche down….and I still stand by that. You probably shouldn’t blog about Dr. Seuss Trees, Blog Post Ideas, Thrifting and Date Ideas all in one blog though. Even as a ‘Life-Style’ blog it’s a bit much! I also had no schedule or branding with my blog so it looked more like a mishmash Pinterest feed of interests verse a blogger who was blogging about what they loved and were knowledgeable on.

TL;DR You don’t have to pigeonhole yourself, but stick to what you know and love!


I Didn’t Monetize

At the heights of StayWithMeOnThis I had approximately 15,000 monthly viewers. Which certainly isn’t as much as some bloggers, but it’s WAY over the acceptable amount to start monetizing. I knew people sold courses and affiliate links, but I never tried to apply to anything besides Google Ads, and I never saw a dollar from them. Looking back now I wish I knew about FOMO, which is hands down the best ad placement network for new bloggers. ¬†

But you don’t have to use FOMO! There are so many ad networks, and in general just ways to monetize a new blog! I recommend doing some serious research into your niche and seeing what people normally use. Amazon Affiliates is another great option for new bloggers! Don’t earn $0 from your blog and end up getting burnt out because you’re not getting anything back for all the effort you put in.


TL;DR Don’t be a dummy, make some money


I Didn’t Keep Anything

And here we are at my final cardinal sin. Remember when I said that some of my pins did pretty darn well? Well I was an idiot and decide to get rid of everything when I was done. I didn’t want to pay for hosting or the domain for StayWithMe anymore….so I just didn’t. But that also meant that I currently don’t have any traffic to THIS site via those pins. If you decide to give up on your blog for any reason, just keep it for awhile. You can always make it so no one externally can access it, but the web crawlers can still find it’s content. If I could redo anything I would keep the site and just put redirects on the posts that did well to this site! Think how much farther I could be now?!

TL; DR Don’t throw the baby out with the bath!


So tell me! Are you currently working on your first blog, or your fourth? Either way with some hard work you can have fun and be profitable at the same time! Just don’t do the silly things I did and you’ll be a couple steps ahead!


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  1. See if your old site is archived on waybackmachine dot com. You might be able to recover some of your content.

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