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Hello Hello F22!

I get it, if you’re new to the world of blogging or just websites, it’s INSANE! There are so many people selling courses and products and affiliate programs “guaranteed” to make you a profitable blog. If you read my post on why my first blog ‘failed’ you’ll know I’ve been where you are. After I wrote that post I figured I should help all my little blog fledglings cut through the bullshit and find the products that will either A. Make their lives easier or B. Help them make money while they’re starting out. So here is what I think can help you without breaking the bank!


**Note: Some of these links are affiliate links, but they never change my opinion, or change the price you pay! Bonus; if I have an affiliate link you probably can too!




A Good but Cheap Website Theme has a ton of themes for anytype of blog. They also come at a variety of price points, so you’re going to find something that fits your vibe and your wallet. They also have an affiliate program! I am not one of there members, so I can’t speak to the money making side, but if you really love your website theme it’s worth looking in to!


An Easy Way to Save Money

You’re probably questioning why I think bloggers should have a savings account. But eventually you will want to buy something for your blog, be it a new theme or some copywriting help. And sometimes that sucks paying a lump sum all upfront. Well Qapital is a great tool because it helps you save money without even realizing it. Basically it rounds up your purchases and takes that extra change and stashes it where you can’t see it.

The best part is you can set goals, reocurring regular deposits, and make your goals as agressive as you want. I currently have my goals set to round up to the nearest $3 and have nearly $1,000 dollars set up. I often forget I even have it, but it’s great seeing that money sitting there for whatever purchase or trip I take next! And of course….you can become an affiliate from it! Meaning when you love Qapital (which you will) and share it with your friends (which you should) you’ll earn money and it won’t cost your friends anything! Perfect for newbie blogger! Go ahead and sign up through my link here and share the love!



Alright, this is the big investment on this list. Tailwind costs around $175 dollars, and it’s worth every penny. Not only does it allow you to become and affiliate and earn money, but it saves you hours of work and get you 10x the amount of blog viewers. You can schedule pins with it, join tribes that help get your content out to a TON of new people, and you can set your content up on a seasonal calendar, meaning you can set it and forget it.

On my old blog I pinned everything manually, and it took me hours and got me no where. With Tailwind, I hop on once a week to schedule pins, and it picks the times where they will get the best engagement. No more relying on my work schedule to help my side hustle improve! So sign up today, make a little money, and get your blog off on the right foot!


FOMO Ad Placement

FOMO is the best ad placement source for new bloggers. Seriously, without them I never would have been able to have monetized ad placements on my blog with less than 2k monthly viewers! If you’re just starting out I highly suggest you look at FOMO. A. Because it helps you earn money (even if it’s only a little) but B. Because you can become an affiliate with them and earn money that way as well! Yes, I have an affiliate link with them, but you don’t pay them anything, so it really doesn’t cost you anything to help a girl out!  Sign up today!


Adobe Creative Suite or Canva

Now we know that I am a trained graphic designer, so I’m a snob and only use Adobe products to make graphics and pins for my website. They are all awesome, talk to eachother, and you can definitely boast your Adobe knowledge on your resume. However, not everyone has a computer that can battle these programs, or the time to learn them, so that’s where Canva comes in! It is pretty much free (though if you sign up for Adobe with a .edu email you get a discount) and it can do a ton of similar things. The best part is that they have templates for almost any social media platform, so you’re never making anything from scratch. You can upload your own images and play with their colors and fonts.


A Good Computer

This is my laptop right here! It’s served me well for over three years, but it does get hot sometimes! (That’s where the laptop fan comes in!) I prefer to have a laptop vs a desktop because I like to work from anywhere! Since 95% of my freelance work can be done remotely, I don’t ever want to be tied to one place to get shit done. I recommend anyone that blogs, freelances or is trying to do a side hustle to have a nice laptop. Paying more up front will save you hassle in the long run.


A Laptop Fan

As I said before, my laptop can run hot because that model is actually for gaming.  (Which makes it awesome for running Adobe graphic design or video software btw!) So an old boyfriend actually got me a laptop fan, and it’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received. Not only does it keep my laptop from overheating, even outside in 110+ degree heat. Thanks Arizona. But it also promotes a better posture and takes some stress of my wrists! Plus it folds up nicely and fits in my bag right next to my laptop, and my trusty planner. You can pick up my laptop fan on amazon here!



Chances are, if you work in public in any capacity, at some point you’re going to want to block out annoying people. Everyone has their own earphone preferences, but I like over the ear headphones. I’ve got a decent amount of ear piercings, and wear glasses sometimes, but these don’t interfere. Plus they deliver great sound quality, without busting your budget. Get yourself a pair and work at Starbucks in peace! If you like folding, over the ear headphones, these are for you! 


A Planner

I recommend everyone have a paper planner. I know it seems outdated in this Apple-infested day and age, but you really can’t beat putting pen to paper to remember things. This is hands down, my favorite planner on the market! I use the ‘Medium’ also called “Pro Size” linked but they have a smaller and larger size as well.  They also come out with adorable colors. This years are yellow, green and a beautiful blush color! I use mine as a sort of mix between day planner, journal, and memory keeper. I often stick polaroids in it to remember special moments. If you’d like to see more planner related things, let me know down below!





So get blogging my little ones! I promise you it’s a rewarding and lucrative side hustle! Plus blogs can be used as a writing portfolio, resume booster, and general creative outlet! If you’re looking for other ways to monetize a blog check out my post on it here! 

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