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Blogging and freelance writing are all. the. rage. right now! (Do people even say ‘all the rage’ anymore?) The good news is, the internet is not a finite resource! Meaning that there is always room for more bloggers, more people helping companies with copywriting, and more content creators in general! Freelance writing allows you to pick your topics, work from anywhere, and has very little start up costs. So do you think freelance writing is for you? Find out with Nicole’s interview!



Name: Nicole Durham

Side Hustle: Blogger and Freelance Writer



Give us the short version of who you are, what you do and why you love it!

My name is Nicole and I am a blogger and freelance writer. I use my own blog to teach others to budget, save money, make money from home and perfect their grocery budgets. Through freelance writing, I can take on any niche and help bloggers to get articles that rank on Google and convey great messages to their readers.


How did you get into your side hustle?

At the beginning of April/Late March 2019 (so not long ago) I started getting interested in the idea of freelance writing. My blog had been up and running and I wanted more money. I took a course that walked me through everything from pitching clients to making a portfolio of writing samples and making contracts. Shortly thereafter, I jumped in with both feet.


Did you have any preconceived notions about it before? If so are they true or false? 

I thought it could be a little better money (and it could be) If I directly cold pitch clients and raise my rates I know I could get a lot more money through it. Unfortunately, I’m not a salesman and as a SAHM that’s got two kids home for summer, I don’t plan on trying this until after school starts back up and I can get a few hours to myself without Daniel Tiger or youtube kid videos in the background.



How did you go about monetizing your business?

It was easy to monetize straight from the get-go. But to get the ball rolling I started with lower pay jobs just to get the actual experience and skillset needed, then I raised my rates. I had gone from $5 per article to $25 within a month. 


How long did it take for your side hustle to build a full-time salary?

Within my first month of freelance writing I made just over $1000 before tax and that is as a SAHM and blogger with my own website to manage. I slowed down shortly after that to refocus my efforts on more immediate needs and will build it back up when school starts and my oldest is gone for the day. So at the moment I have not made a full time income from it, just part time.


How do you market your services?

I find clients on job boards and send them my writing portfolio and elevator pitch. If they’re interested, they respond. Other than that, it’s word of mouth. 


What do people say when you tell them in person about it? 

Honestly, my family and friends think I’m nuts lol. None of them get it or understand but that’s okay. I’ve always been different. My dad has the hardest time understanding any of it though because he’s so old school and used to working X hours means X paycheck and cant fathom working a commission or per project job where rates can vary so greatly.


What did your family/friends say about the idea of you starting your side hustle at the beginning?

They told me good luck and every once in awhile will ask how it’s going, but they dont promote or view anything I do so I could literally tell them that I write for Batman and they’d accept it. 


What words of wisdom do you have for anyone wanting to give freelance writing a try?

If you want to do it, do it. Try first and jump straight in. If it’s not for you the worst that can happen is that you find out the truth and answer you’re own questions. The longer you wait, the further away that paycheck and possible dream job is. 


If you could have any other occupation in the world, what would it be?

Honestly, my current dreams include owning several small businesses and websites to help diversify my income. Writing is something that I had always wanted to do, so at the moment im in the beginning chapters of my dream job and occupation of choice. Although I do teeter on the idea of someday becoming a realtor but i think that’s just because i love watching HGTV and seeing home updates.

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