FOMO; The Best Ad Placement For New Bloggers

Hello Hello F22 crew! Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been excited over 62 cents? How about 2 dollars? No?! Well as a relatively new blogger, with less than 5k unique viewers each month…I was ecstatic about both those amounts. I was even happier when I thought about the fact that my old blog ( RIP had over 15k page views every month and I never made a dime off of it. And yet…this lovely little Funding22 blog has offically made me profitable. How you ask? With an ad placement network that doesn’t require a minimum monthly viewership. FOMO is hands down the best ad placement for new bloggers!

The Beginning 

I had been scrolling through one of my Facebook groups for bloggers when I saw someone comment that FOMO and another network ( I can’t remember what it was GAH!) were great options for new bloggers to monetize their blog. I honestly didn’t believe it, but I went ahead and applied anyway. I figured whats the worst that could happen? They say no and I just wait a little longer for a different network?


So then a week-ish passes and I remember that I applied, so I log back in to the FOMO site and realize I had made money! Granted it was only enough to buy two gumballs…but that was TWO gumballs! Enough for me to share! I was so excited I snapped my best friends, mom, and boyfriend to tell them the news. Sure, a dollar this month….but maybe a thousand or more one day!

I’m about three weeks into FOMO right now and I’m still under the $5.00 mark, but I have nothing but praise for the company. It was easy to set up on my self-hosted WordPress site, it was a quick acceptance to the program, and I earned money right away.

You earn through impressions, clicks and referrals. As you can see here I only have two clicks but they do add up! But those paired with my impressions is what lead to my payout. I would say this is a great option for a blog that is just starting out, but doesn’t want to waste time NOT getting paid while they’re waiting for Google or the holy grail…Mediavine.


The best part?

They do referrals! (You can see that I haven’t earned any yet!) So yes this is my referral code, but it’s a great deal! It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up via my link, so you might as well. And then you can create your OWN referral link and make more money as well. Sure $10 per referral isn’t a lot, but over time it will add up!



  • I literally set it and forget it (forgot it?)

  • Payouts happen on the 1st of the month, but there is no minimum! So you can bet your but when I get my Paypal notice I’m going to go buy me some gumballs.

  • Ability to do referrals and boost profits!

  • Easy set up and adding to site

  • Easy to understand dashboard and analytics

  • The ads are very discreet and honestly I didn’t notice them at all (It’s that little pop up in the corn of Funding22!)

  • Adorable cartoons



the best ad network for new bloggers




So, with my tiny victory story being told, tell me what you’re thinking! Would you sign up for FOMO? What ad placement program are you using now!?


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One thought on “FOMO; The Best Ad Placement For New Bloggers

  1. I’m always on the lookout for new options to monetize blogs. FOMO looks great – hopefully they open the site back up to publisher registrations soon

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