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I get it… sometimes you don’t want to create something persay. Or you just want something to bring in extra money, but that you don’t have to think about a ton or plan far into the future for. That’s where data entry jobs come in. They are so helpful and important to companies that they are willing to pay a pretty penny for help! You don’t need to have tons of artistic skills or marketing abilities, just a great work ethic and a computer system. This is great for people who already have a draining job and need something where you don’t interact with people. I highly recommend data entry jobs if you’re just dipping your toes into the freelancing world! Here are 11 websites that pay well to get you started!





Top 11 Data Entry Websites that Pay Well


  1. Upwork – A well established and secure website for finding great data entry jobs. If you build a great profile and have plenty of tested work you will definitely make money on here doing data entry.  The pay varies on a per job basis. (
  2. The Smart Crowd –The Smart Crowd is fantastic because it evaluates your skill based on assessments and then contacts you when work is available. You can work as much as you want provided your assessments are good and there’s work!  Pay varies based on your productivity and your skill level. (
  3. ClickWorker – Another great site with loads of work including data entry. You take an assessment, work whenever you’d like, and get paid based on productivity.  (
  4. AccuTran Global – A giant in the transcription industry, but still offers plenty of other data entry jobs to qualified candidates. They pay from $.005 – $.0066 per word based on skill level and difficulty of the project. (
  5. Microworkers – A list of short and beginner friendly data-entry tasks that employers need completed. These only take a few minutes and don’t pay much, but over time it’s an easy way to make some cash quickly. (
  6. Scrible – Beginner transcription job that offers freelance work. You’ll need to complete a test to start work but can make up to $25 an hour on some tasks.  (
  7. Freelancer – Another Freelance site that has hundreds of data entry jobs. The only struggle here is establishing yourself well enough to land one of the jobs.  Once you do, you can build reputation fast. (
  8. Fivverr – A great site for the $5 data entry jobs. Your reputation is everything, and if you take some time to build your profile you can make some money on here doing data entry. (
  9. The CSI Companies – A large group that is looking for qualified freelance data entry clerks. This could be short or long term work.  Glassdoor projects $11-$12 per hour doing freelance data entry under their wing.  (
  10. Indeed – This monster job site provides a single search away from finding tons of freelance data entry jobs. I would list a few but they are always changing.  Throw out your resume and hope to land a long term gig! (
  11. Guru – Data entry gigs made simple. A job gets posted and the sellers bid on the project.  If yours is selected you make money on a per hour basis that varies based on the project. (






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