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Have you heard a virtual assistant before? Essentially what they do is any task a business (sometimes a blogger) owner may need. This could be posting to Pinterest, filling out tax paperwork, or acting as a social media manager. It’s sort of a catch all term for a remote professional! The great thing is you can customize your offerings to whatever YOU love, and make money off of it! So if you dread the idea of taking a coffee order, but want to help small businesses being a VA may be for you!



Name: Betty Davies
Side Hustle: Virtual Assistant


Give us the short version of who you are, what you do and why you love it!

I’m a food blogger, and to be able to spend more time on my blog (and learn at the same time!) I’m a VA for bloggers across several niches.


How did you get into your business?

After moving from the UK to Canada, I didn’t want to continue my career in TV Production and wanted to focus on my food blog. I had hired VAs in the past for my own blog, and I felt that I had the experience to work alongside other bloggers. I applied to a couple of bloggers within my niche who were looking for help, and through contacts I have now grown the VA side hustle into a full time job which is flexible and allows e to work on my own blog!



Did you have any preconceived notions a bout it before? If so are they true or false?

I thought the work would be boring and very admin like, but as my skills have grown I work on a really wide range of jobs for lots of different kinds of clients.


How did you go about monetizing your side hustle?

I started off at a fairly low hourly rate when I started as I was learning a lot and didn’t feel comfortable charging more. A lot of my jobs are more consultancy based now, so I’m able to charge higher rates that fit with my experience.


How long did it take for your business to build to a full time salary?

It took around a year to reach a full time salary, but in all honesty it could have been sooner than this. I always saw it as a side hustle, I could have easily put n more hours in the early days!


How do you market your side hustle?

Most of my work now is through recommendations from other bloggers. In the early days, I would apply for work advertised in Facebook groups.


What do people say when you tell them in person about it?

People outside of blogging don’t quite understand what I do! A lot of people don’t realize that blogging can make money and be a genuine business.


What did your family/friends say about the idea of you starting your business at the beginning?

No one really understood that being a VA could be a full time job, it was just a nice way to get a little extra money. They are quite amazed that it’s become a well paying full time job!


What words of wisdom do you have for anyone wanting to give your side hustle a try?

VAing is a great way to work at home, and for me that means I can have more time on my own blog as well as flexibility. You do have to be organized and a great communicator and have the motivation to work by yourself. Join Facebook VA groups and start talking to bloggers you know to get the word out.


If you could have any other occupation in the world, what would it be?

Probably working on my blog full time!

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