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No matter what type of freelancing you do, at some point you’re going to hit a roadblock surrounding work. Getting more clients and/or projects is always at the front of a freelancers mind! As I often say, energy out equals money (aka energy) in! So what do you do when it seems like all the work has dried up? Here are some of my tips and tricks on how to find new (or more) clients!

Word of Mouth

Say what you want about MLM’s, but they certain know how to rock the word of mouth marketing. That’s probably why they try and use the term ‘network marketing’. BUT let’s take some notes from them! People may not want to buy whatever product or service you are selling, but they may know someone who would! When you’re reaching a drought in business, reach out to people who have supported you before, or just said that you have a cool offering! This also includes social media. Even if someone just share’s your post about having an open calendar, it may reach a new client! Asking for help or spreading awareness isn’t weak, it’s effective marketing.

Pro tip; Post testimonials on social media and tag whoever said them! You’ll reach your audience AND there’s with no extra work from them! You should be posting about your business or side hustle on social media anyway, might as well use the praise you receive!


Job Boards for Freelancers

Upwork and Fiverr are great job boards for freelancers, but there are a thousand more! If you have a business that allows you to find work online, consider still using job boards on a regular basis. Tons of freelancers have done a job/project that is supposed to be a one off thing, only to create a great relationship with the client and ending up with more work later on. Really you have nothing to lose, either you get short term products that help you pay the bills, or you land bigger fish that help you reach your bigger financial goals.



Job Boards NOT for Freelancers

When I say job board NOT for freelancers, I mean ones like Craigslist, Indeed, Linkedin, etc. While usually companies post for W2 9-5 jobs, some will post for remote jobs on here as well. If your pitching skills are great you can even go through an interview process for a ‘normal’ job and pitch them letting you work remotely or on a freelance retainer business. It’s worth a shot, and it may fill a long term void until you can land your own 100% freelance clients.


Cold Pitches

Cold pitches can be terrifying, but they feel AMAZING when they work. Now I never do cold calling, mainly because I’m a scaredy cat. BUT I do regularly send out cold pitches via email or social media DM’s (Don’t laugh, it works!). There are tons of scripts and classes on how to cold pitch but eventually you will find what works for you based on your niche and style. Some people have great success telling companies that their copywriting sucks, where as other freelancers go with the angle that a model’s posing is amazing (but they could be even better with your makeup skills!). It’s all about your personality, and playing the numbers. Sending out 100 pitches may result in 10 replies, which may only result in 1 client. But in the end, it’s worth it!



Some people don’t believe in the Law of Attraction or anything in the ‘woo woo’ realm, but if you do- it can be very powerful! The idea behind manifestation is that you believe, without a doubt, that you are going to get the thing you want. Now you have to keep working towards this goal, it won’t just fall into your lap, but the universe rewards people who are certain. The idea being that you attract what you put out-so if you’re vibing that your work calendar is full and you have a waitlist of eager clients….AND you’re putting in the hard work, it will happen.

So with that being said, try manifesting your business goals. Sit down once a day and just focus on the goal. I prefer right before I go to sleep, when the day is done and I can finally relax, but you can do what you feel works best for you! A lot of people find meditation and manifestation helpful first thing in the morning, or whenever the day is super hectic. ANYWAY sit down, believe it has already happened for you. How excited are you going to be? How thankful are you? (That’s a big one!) Feel how you will feel when it comes true, imagine telling everyone that you hit your goal, let the feelings wash over you! Then, make your next bigger and better goal.



So what do you do when it seems like all the clients have dried up? I’m a pitching and job board expert myself, but that’s because I primarily work online. I would love to hear from more in person freelancers like hairstylists or dog walkers!

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