Side Hustle Review; Alternative Modeling

Do you love taking selfies? Do you just feel your best when someone pulls a camera out? While there is a lot of stigma around ‘instagram modeling’, being a model can be a serious and lucrative side hustle! Combining grace, athleticism and a knowledge of networking, modeling is something to take seriously!


How did you get into modeling?

I am very lucky to have a super supportive best friend. About two years ago she bought me a photo shoot with a friend of ours for my birthday. I was super excited for the opportunity but also very intimidated by the idea. I put it off for two years, coming up with different excuses ranging from I did not have any clothes, or I wasn’t feeling comfortable in my body.  After hundreds of excuses I finally got shit together and did the photo shoot. IT WAS AMAZING. When I got the pictures back, I felt so confident and sexy! Love, support and encouragement from my best friend is how I got into modeling.


How  tall are you?

Six foot even!


How does someone make money from modeling?

That is a good question! I have yet to be paid for a shoot. I am still in the learning phase. Ideally, a photographer or company would reach out to me and pay me to work with them. I think it would also be cool to get paid in merch or product. Right now, I am not too worried about getting paid I am more looking for experience.


Side Note; Models often go through three phases. One is called “TFP” or Trade for Print where neither the photographer nor the model are paid, but they both get to add to their portfolio. The other two phases are where the model pays the photographer or the photographer. The third phase is where both a photographer and the model (and the other talent like makeup) are paid by a third party. 


What type of modeling do you do?

Right now any type of modeling! I am just trying to find my niche and what I feel the most comfortable with. I am really excited because I have an opportunity to walk in a fashion show in August. Being a runway model is something that I had not thought about before. I enjoy the idea of being able to do both. I do have tattoos so that will dictate a lot of the work I am able to take on or get hired for. Being a model can be very lucrative, especially on social media, if you have a unique look.

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What tips do you have for someone that wants to get into modeling?

JUST DO IT! STOP MAKING EXCUSES! I wish I listened to my friends sooner and started when I was younger. The only thing holding you back is yourself. Go after your dreams and don’t wait!


Since this is a side hustle, what plans do you have to scale it up to a full time freelancing venture?

Keep doing trade for trade shoots until I can build up my portfolio more.  I have an interview to work with an agency coming up and hopefully that will lead to shoots are paid. Until that happens, I have been applying for different shoots through different online companies.


What does your family think of your side hustle?

Ehhhh. I don’t think they know the full extent of it yet. My mom has seen some of my pictures but not all of them. Haha She supports me though. Once things get a little more real I think she will take it a little more serious.


What are some mental and environmental blocks you had to overcome to be successful in your side hustle?

Having a relationship for sure makes things interesting. There’s the fine line between art and being “too sexual” and everyone sees that line in different places. My boyfriend is very supportive with my modeling though. He helps me to take my pictures sometimes. Another block that is interesting is my work environment. I work with an older crowd of people and it is funny to me to think of them seeing my pictures and then seeing me at work. I come in with no makeup on, hair not done and a collared shirt. Its almost like living a double life.  I really stopped caring about what other people think and that makes things a lot easier.


What are some projects you’re excited about that are coming up?

I am super stoked for the fashion show in August! The girl texted me earlier this week saying she was going to start on the dress. Doing the show is exciting because I had never considered walking. With my legs and height though I think I am going to do well at it.


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