Pinterest For Bloggers

Pinterest for bloggers


Are you struggling to drive traffic to your blog after spending hours upon hours creating content? Do you use all the right hashtags without little return? Are you using Pinterest to drive traffic to your site, or are you still just using Facebook and Twitter? Guess what, the secret is out.

Pinterest has become the go-to social media and marketing platform for bloggers. Unlike other social media sites that focus on connecting users with other users, Pinterest is the platform for connecting users with ideas, products, and businesses to help themselves grow.

The beauty of Pinterest is that the users are in discovery mode and are constantly searching for the next best thing they want to incorporate in their daily lives. Rest assured most people have Pinterest bookmarked on their browsers and make frequent stops. That means they will actually test out your recipe or read your article in full… and then come back and do it again. Here are a few reasons why Pinterest should be one of your go to marketing resources for your blog:


Reach New Users

The main purpose of Pinterest is to provide inspiration and content people actually want to incorporate into their daily lives. Pinterest is a visual search engine that reaches over 280 million users a month, and most of these users are searching for specific content, whether that be vegan recipes of living room decoration inspiration– Pinterest users seek answers and solutions. About 78% of users say content is useful which means they will return day after day seeking new content. As a blogger, you have the power to provide niche content to these potential users. Take advantage of the numbers and the quality of users Pinterest attracts. Not to mention, if you’re selling a product or service Pinterest is the platform to do it on! Did you know this social media platform boasts the most affluent user base? AKA they have money to spend!


Increase Site Traffic

Pinterest users don’t play favoritism when it comes to how many followers you have. The most important aspect of your page is your content and if it is relatable to the user. Many bloggers that use Pinterest say it generates more site engagement with less effort than Facebook or Twitter. That’s where Tailwind comes in! (Down below!) Most bloggers that are making big bucks say that Pinterest is the reason they can leave their 9-5 job!


Pinterest Advertising and Analytics

Pinterest offers many ways to advertise your blog and pins. Create a Pinterest Business account and access Pinterest advertising that will allow you to promote pins and target your specific audience and to get your content in front of new eyes. Measure your success with Pinterest Analytics by viewing Pin performance, analyzing traffic, and learning more about your customers wants. This means if you’re a number loving blogger, this is the account for you! Not to mention they’ve got great customer service. So if for some reason you mess up and Pinterest blocks you or does something else because you messed with the algorithm, they’re quick to fix it! We can only hope other social media platforms will get their shit together in this area….we’re looking at you Instagram! Understanding how pinterest for bloggers works can be headache, but it’s worth it in the end!


Find Inspiration

As mentioned, Pinterest is a great tool to find inspiration and new ideas for content engage with a new community of people. Every bloggers needs a variety of communities for engagement and Pinterest users are receptive to different forms of communications. Pin posts, share content, and comment to increase following and exposure. Most people (myself included) don’t know any other bloggers, and very few other freelancers. Platforms like Pinterest and IG allow us to find and connect with real people that have the same struggles as us! How do you think mommy blogging became such a huge phenomenon? I love reading how other freelancers have learned from their mistakes, done their taxes, or just crazy adventures they have each week!


You can automate it!

Tailwind is a godsend. Really! How many hours do you spend on Pinterest just pinning whilly-nilly and not seeing new traffic to your boards, pins or website? Well the answer lies with Tailwind! Tailwind is an automation service that allows you to pin at the optimal time according to your analytics, pin to group boards, and join ‘Tailwind Tribes’. Tribes are essentially group boards, but just for people who want to grow their Pinterest account and blog. There are rules about repinning and engagement, so you’re sure to be treated fairly, and get your pins out to new audiences! The best part? If you’re like me you can batch your work. Once a week I pop onto Tailwind and Pinterest and pin away until my queue is full! Then Tailwind does the rest! I’m getting better engagement, and I can actually just browse through Pinterest when I feel like it later in the week….without all the blogging pressure!



So, have you made the leap into the mad world of Pinterest yet? If you have what kind of blog traffic increase have you seen?

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