Niching Down & Why I Chose Fertility Clinics

I know just the other day I wrote about how if you don’t want to ‘niche down’ then you shouldn’t! And I still stand by that for blogging and general freelancing. I believe NOT niching down can help you build a base of work that will help you later on. You can create your type of work for a variety of sectors and decide what you like best. It also allows you to not be bored, or burnt out, on certain topics. It also allows you share and indulge in multiple passions!

So why should you niche down? And can you niche down for multiple sectors?


The answer is yes, you can ‘niche down’ on multiple topics. Now this may be harder depending on what you freelance in, but it is possible.


Take me for example! (it is my blog after all).

I create graphics, social  media management, and provide copywriting services. Now these are services that A. pair well together and B. are needed by all genres. I have experience in a number of sectors because at the start of my journey I took work from just about anywhere I could find it. This means I did marketing for environmentally friendly paint companies, graphic design for bakeries, and copywriting for engineers. In the end I found I enjoyed work or talking about topics in two general areas. 1. Fertility and my egg donor journey, and 2. Marketing for companies or solo entrepreneurs. Thus, Funding22 was born!, a blog for tips and tricks on marketing yourself as a freelancer, and to follow my journey as a freelance full stack marketer in the fertility and egg donor sector.

I decided to start pitching fertility clinics, egg donor agencies and multiple other fertility based companies. Not every company needs all of my services, but I do find that there is a huge need out there. Infertility is somewhat taboo and I find great personal satisfaction in helping tear that down. So many people suffer from not being able to create families! I also see tons of companies that interact with people via social media or there website in a really weird manner. Often times they don’t reply to people’s questions, or use jargon that a newcomer just doesn’t understand. As an egg donor, I act as a sort of translator between the two. I get to answer questions, help people, and can act without disturbing my clients too much. Making me that much more valuable to them!


Check out my podcast interview with Sophia Baseotto about being an Egg Donor! 


So how do you really pick a niche if you don’t have time to explore around?

  1. List out all the experience you do have, or topics that are adjacent to your experience. IE if you have experience in automobile copywriting, you could also probably swing a job writing about trains or boats!
  2. List out topics that you just love talking about! You don’t have to have experience in these areas, just generally things you enjoy and are less likely to get sick of in the long run.
  3. Now out of these two lists circle any that are more  lucrative than the rest. You can find tons of lists online. But the basics are beauty, blogging, computer technology, and healthcare. Now creating content for these is a good way to get paid quickly, but competition will be high and preferences are more likely to be given to people offering lots of experience for a small price tag. Also, it is totally possible to have a profitable side business not in these areas, so do your own research.
  4. Now with your narrowed down list, ask yourself this. Which of these has the least competition? Narrowing down what you love even more gives you an advantage when it comes to pitching potential clients. Sure you may create photography for families, but creating alternative/goth/grungy family portraits has less competition and makes you more attractive to people who just love Marilyn Manson. This means you can charge a premium price for your services, and hopefully, love what you do! 


So tell me! What do you love to do? Do you plan on making that a side hustle, or better yet a full time freelancing gig? If you’re still confused on how to niche down or really make what you love a business I suggest you ask friends and family! Often times people close to us will see a way to morph our talents into something lucrative that we would have never thought of ourselves!

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