My Freelance Origin Story


Every superhero has an origin story. While I’m far from super, this is my story.


I’m 25 and have been laid off three times because a company is downsizing and/or closing it’s doors. Each time this happens I try to pivot to keep it from happening. (obviously my success hasn’t been great). I went from a Fortune 500 company, to mid-level company, to a micro-company where we all fit at one lunch table. Shit happens I guess.

I’ve always wanted to work for myself. So when my boss sat me down to let me know that as of January 4th, 2019 I would no longer have a job, I pretty much knew what I had to do. Luckily she gave me a really big heads up, and is a huge supporter of mine so I wasn’t blindsided.

I buckled up my belt, got on Indeed and UpWork and vowed to work for myself.

*BOOM* and a freelancer is born!


I know you were expecting something much more dramatic. Maybe me being dunked in radioactive coffee or something, but that’s not what happened. Life happened, just as it does to¬† everyone. You get to decide what to do afterwards. Luckily I’m young, freshly broken up with, and generally unattached. This makes it easier, as the only one depending on me is my ill-tempered cat.

So what did I do come January 6th after a slew of unsuccessful pitches and interviews? I got on a plane headed for Dublin, Ireland with my ex-boyfriend as a travel partner. I had little money, a credit card, and no job prospect waiting for me at home. But I got a hell of a learning experience. To make a long story short; I applied to tons of jobs on UpWork (a review is coming soon) and ended up making enough to keep myself afloat for the coming months. I also got a call about being an egg donor (which I’ve done twice before), and that comes with a pretty penny! So I’ve got a brighter outlook on this freelancing world.


Thanks for joining me <3 and I hope you stick around to see how a graphic designer/copywriter/social media manager navigates this digital amazon!


Don’t forget to check out my portfolio!

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